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What is Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu MATE is a free and open source Linux distribution and an official derivative of Ubuntu. Its main differentiation from Ubuntu is that it uses the MATE desktop environment as its default user interface, based on GNOME 2 which was used for Ubuntu versions prior to 11.04, instead of the Unity graphical shell that is the default user interface for the Ubuntu desktop.


Download link


Ubuntu Mate Version


  • Kernel upgrade to 3.10.100
  • Enable the boot-logo "penguin" of the kernel
  • Enable docker related options
  • Enable the usb audio driver
  • Modified dts files and support device rtc-ds1307
  • Fixed the problem of the earphone detection for Rev.B Plus board
  • Patched Dirty COW exploit on the kernel, for more information about Dirty COW, please visit at http://thehackernews.com/2016/10/linux-kernel-exploit.html
  • support to choose the board type at first boot
  • support to choose boot to Desktop or Console at first boot
  • rootfs based on ubuntu vivid 15.04 or ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus
  • Install the GPU hardware acceleration library -->ubuntu 15.04
  • Support HDMI as master display and 7inch LCD as slave display by default, if you want to change the display frame, you can download the hwpack from here,and update the hwpack.


  • Kernel upgrade to 3.10.94, source code saved to github at https://github.com/LeMaker/linux-actions/tree/linux-3.10.y
  • Optimized the display structure,different screen with the same display by default; More instructions at http://wiki.lemaker.org/LeMaker_Guitar:The_instructions_on_display
  • Ethernet driver compatible with the PHY RTL8201 (LeMaker Guitar Base Board B+/A used)
  • Calibrate the internal temperature sensor(throttling start when the internal temperature of the CPU reached the 80°;the system automatically shutdown when the temperature reached the 92°)
  • Add CVBS driver (LeMaker Guitar Base Board B+ supported)
  • Add the dts file for the LeMaker Guitar Base Board Rev.B+
  • Add the dts file for the LeMaker Guitar Base Board Rev.A
  • Updated the usb2.0 driver
  • Fixed HDMI hotplug bug
  • Fixed bluetooth bug
  • Synchronous control method between blue and green led
  • Improved the PMU power consumption
  • Imporved the ethernet driver for the uboot
  • Rootfs upgrade to ubuntu xenial 16.04


  • Update the display framework(HDMI as master device and LCD as slaver device by default)
  • Add the HDMI-CEC driver
  • Add the EDID analytic function on uboot
  • Add the GT9XX TP driver
  • Add the driver of battery management IC(bq27441)
  • Add watchdog
  • Enable the NFS Server
  • Fixed the backlight control problem
  • Improve the serial port driver
  • Improve the IR driver
  • Improve the print log of uboot and kernel
  • Improve the SPI controler driver
  • Improve the GPU driver
  • Improve the driver of RTL8723BU
  • Remove the redundancy files of kernel


  • fixed CPU temperature control problem
  • fixed the Ethernet throughput problem
  • fixed USB3.0 To 1000M abnormal disconnection problem
  • improve compatibility of the USB3.0
  • enabled dynamic powergate regulation
  • reset the temperature control thresholds (throttling start when the internal temperature of the CPU reached the 95°; the system automatically shutdown when the temperature reached the 115°)
  • enabled DDR scanning function
  • builtin spidev and i2cdev to the kernel
  • integrated the ZTE ME3760(4G module) driver to the kernel
  • switch the MIC mode to differential
  • removed some useless kernel log
  • optimized the kernel configuration
  • updated the GPU library.


  • uboot version is 2015.04
  • kernel version is 3.10.37
  • update the default desktop background
  • Allow user login system via ssh(eg:root\lemaker)
  • Support switch to the adfu mode by using the software key
  • Set the resolution of the HDMI with 1920*1080@60HZ by default
  • Pre-install text editor Leafpad
  • Pre-install picture viewer Eye of Mate
  • Optimize the file manager caja
  • GMT+8 as the default time zone, can be modified in the following way:"sudo cat /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Shanghai > /etc/localtime"

See Also

  1. http://ubuntu-mate.org/
  2. http://ubuntu-mate.org/armhf-rootfs/