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Message definition (LeMaker Guitar)
== Documentation ==
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!| Hardware
!| Software
!| Others
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*[http://www.lemaker.org/product-guitar-specification.html LeMaker Guitar:Hardware specification]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:S500 PIO Definition]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Pin Definition on Guitar]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Pin Definition on Base Board]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:CPU frequency scaling]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:GPU hardware acceleration]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Video decoder engine]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Video encoder framework]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Debug COM]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:LCD]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Backlight adjustment for LCD]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Camera]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:WiFi configuration]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:The instructions on display]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:HDMI to VGA cable user guidelines]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:USB3.0]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Bluetooth]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Microphone]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Audio]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:ADC]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:IR]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:On-board LEDs]]
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*[[LeMaker Guitar:Quick Start]]
<categorytree mode=pages hideroot=off depth=0>LeMaker Guitar:Development</categorytree>
<categorytree mode=pages hideroot=off depth=0>LeMaker Guitar:Linux Distributions</categorytree>
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Android]]
<categorytree mode=pages hideroot=off depth=0>Software</categorytree>
*[[How to control the IO on the SBC boards]]
* [[LeScratch User Guide]]
* [[WiringLMK]]
* [[LMK.GPIO]]
* [[How to install KODI on LeMuntu]]
* [[Use Java to control GPIO on Android]]
* [[How to use ADB]]
* [[How to Compile driver on Board]]
* [[Compiling Qt5.5 for LeMaker Guitar]]
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*[[LeMaker Guitar:The list of peripherals tested]]
Translation== 文档 ==
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!| 硬件
!| 软件
!| 其它
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*[http://www.lemaker.org/cn/product-guitar-specification.html LeMaker Guitar:硬件规格]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:S500 PIO Definition/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:S500 PIO定义]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Pin Definition on Guitar/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:引脚定义]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Pin Definition on Base Board/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:底板引脚定义]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:CPU frequency scaling/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:CPU频率调整]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:GPU hardware acceleration/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:GPU硬件加速]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Video decoder engine/zh-hans| LeMaker Guitar:视频解码引擎]]
*[[LeMaker_Guitar:Video encoder framework/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:视频编码框架]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Debug COM/zh-hans| LeMaker Guitar:调试串口]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:LCD/zh-hans| LeMaker Guitar:LCD显示屏]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Camera/zh-hans| LeMaker Guitar:摄像头]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:WiFi configuration/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:WIFI配置]]
*[[LeMaker_Guitar:The_instructions_on_display/zh-hans| LeMaker Guitar:显示功能使用说明]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:USB3.0/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:USB3.0]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Bluetooth/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:蓝牙]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Microphone/zh-hans| LeMaker Guitar:麦克风]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Audio/zh-hans| LeMaker Guitar:音频]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:ADC/zh-hans| LeMaker Guitar:ADC]]
*[[LeMaker Guitar:IR/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:红外]]
*[[LeMaker_Guitar:On-board_LEDs/zh-hans | LeMaker_Guitar:板载LED]]
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*[[LeMaker Guitar:Quick Start/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:快速入门]]
<categorytree mode=pages hideroot=off depth=0>LeMaker Guitar:开发</categorytree>
<categorytree mode=pages hideroot=off depth=0>LeMaker Guitar:Linux发行版</categorytree>
*[[LeMaker Guitar:Android/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:Android]]
<categorytree mode=pages hideroot=off depth=0>软件</categorytree>
*[[How to control the IO on the SBC boards/zh-hans | 操控SBC上的IO接口]]
* [[LeScratch User Guide/zh-hans  | LeScratch用户指导]]
* [[WiringLMK/zh-hans | WiringLMK]]
* [[LMK.GPIO/zh-hans | LMK.GPIO]]
* [[How_to_install_KODI_on_LeMuntu/zh-hans | 在Lemuntu上安装KODI]]
* [[Use_Java_to_control_GPIO_on_Android/zh-hans | 使用Android Java控制GPIO]]
* [[How_to_use_ADB/zh-hans | 如何使用ADB]]
* [[How_to_Compile_driver_on_Board/zh-hans | 如何在板上编译驱动 ]]
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*[[LeMaker Guitar:The list of peripherals tested/zh-hans | LeMaker Guitar:外设测试列表]]
*[http://wiki.lemaker.org/7/10.1_inch_LCD_Module_Instruction/zh-hans 7/10.1寸LCD模块使用指导]


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