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Welcome to LeMaker wiki page,This place is for LeMaker open source SBCs.

About LeMaker

LeMaker is an enthusiastic team that focus on the idea of "opensource, innovation, education and share". We design and support the open source SBCs, and willing to become the largest community for open source SBCs in the world.


Here is a brief history of LeMaker SBCs:

LeMaker Guitar: An SoM(system on module)type core board with Actions S500 SoC, it aims at the first SBC for makers and customization. (2015' Summer)

HiKey(LeMaker_version): HiKey(LeMaker_version) is designed by HiSilicon and produced by LeMaker from June 2015. HiKey is the first 96Boards specification board.

LeMaker Banana Pro: An update for Banana Pi board with on-board WiFi module and compatible with Raspberry Pi B+. (2014'Autumn)

LeMaker Banana Pi: The first LeMaker community support platform with Allwinner A20. (2014' Spring)

Getting Started

LeMaker Guitar
LeMaker Banana Pro/Pi