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LeMaker Guitar Base Board Rev.A
LeMaker Guitar & Base Board Rev.B
LeMaker Guitar Base Board Rev.D

LeMaker Guitar is a high performance SoM with low cost which is designed by LeMaker Team. It adopts Actions S500 SoC (Quad-core ARM® Cortex™-A9R4 CPU and PoweVR SGX544 GPU), 1GB/2GB DDR3 and 8GB Flash. We can make kinds of SBCs with different interface when we combine one LeMaker Guitar and one specified or personalized LeMaker Guitar base board together.

In order to make the users more convenient to DIY their own platform with LeMaker Guitar, LeMaker Team already designed kinds of LeMaker Guitar base board, which significantly reduce the redesign period of your own customized LeMaker Guitar base board.

LeMaker Guitar Key features

  1. Quad-core ARM® Cortex™-A9R4 CPU;
  2. System on module design;
  3. 1GB/2GB DDR3 SDRAM;
  4. On-board 8GB eMMC NAND flash storage;
  5. 204 pins standard DDR3 SODIMM for connecting LeMaker Guitar base board;
  6. Hardware ADFU button
  7. Android 5.0 and Linux support

LeMaker Guitar Base Board Rev.A Key features

  1. Compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ 40 Pins Header;
  2. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 4.0
  3. Grove Interface;
  4. 10/100Mbps RJ45 ethernet;

LeMaker Guitar Base Board Rev.B Key features

  1. 1 x micro-B USB3.0 receptacle and 2 x type-A USB2.0 receptacle
  2. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 4.0
  3. 10/100Mbps RJ45 ethernet
  4. HDMI type-A and LVDS display interface
  5. 40 pins expansion compatible with Raspberry Pi 2
  6. 204 pins standard DDR3 SODIMM connector for connecting LeMaker Guitar

LeMaker Guitar Base Board Rev.D Key features

  1. Support 4 LeMaker Guitars connect to base board;
  2. Support 1Gbps ethernet port;
  3. 1 x MicroUSB 3.0 Devices, 4 x USB 3.0 Hos;
  4. Run as a Micro Server.


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Added by Saeid Ghazagh from ELAR Systems on 25/11/2108:

I always loved Lemaker Guitar and I should say it is very sad that this board has discontinued.

Anyway, since I am still using this board in my office for automation purposes, I always tried to use the latest version of my favorite OSs. I tries to create and use an Ubuntu 18.04 SD image through my Lemaker SD image tool scripts (Available HERE). Hence, I have realized that the .img file formats with version of mkfs.ext4 in x64 Ubuntu 18.04 development machine is not recognizable by Kernel 3.10.100 which is the latest official kernel for Lemaker Guitar.

Therefore, in case you want to make the OS on SD, you need to use mkfs.ext4 format in older version compatible with kernel 3.10.100 EXT4 driver and then populate your rootfs. I am not discussing the method of populating your rootfs here as it is just a note to remind you if you experience the same issue.

Since 2016/08/01:

  • WiKi will no longer add new tutorail, all the new tutorials will be unified managed to Github at: https://github.com/LeMaker/documentation
  • The tutorials that already available in the WiKi will keep update.
  • Welcom to share more tutorials or tools to all users on Github.