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SEO PROCESS SEO Formula is the only thing to redirect you to the desired audience. At WebOdoctor we differentiate in our strategy, which has always been the major pillar for us in creating fame as best SEO COMPANY IN INDIA. We have an extensive experience in defining data driven SEO strategy improving the website visibility of our client’s in organic search. TECHNICAL WEBSITE AUDIT Is your website lagging behind your competitor? We are there to guide to adopt the correct and effective SEO strategy by fixing the technical issues from its full rank target, duplicate content, wrong URL scheme, hidden text, slow loading time etc. We analyze your competitor and clean up your website to get into the top search engine ranking. RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS ON KEYWORDS Keyword is the crucial weapon in the battle of competition in digital market. WebOdoctor brings you to your right audience with its keyword strategy for which we are the ranked as the leading SEO COMPANY IN INDIA. We consider estimated search volumes and competitiveness of most relevant keywords and use the effective strategy to estimate revenue and traffic which is best chasing for your business.

ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION Our experts spend hourly optimization which includes Meta tags, page contents, navigation, and header, footer developing a careful planning of keyword density, placement and prominence to increase your website’s visibility. CONTENT DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING High quality and informative content are our key skills where our SEO Consultants and Content Writers work together to bring value to your website. Useful articles, press releases, blogs & white paper are the areas where we develop and generate more back links to your website. OFF PAGE SEO & LINK BUILDING Off page SEO and link building the quality of inbound link that would help to improve your domain authority. We use extensive link audit and remove low quality link found. LOCAL SEO STRATEGIES With our local SEO SERVICES to improve your rankings for geo-targeted keywords. We work on building citations, testimonials and optimize Google listing’s getting your website to rank in local SERP’s. SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT SEO and Social media are proportional to each other. Social signals are used as indicators in search engines increasing your presence in Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are a part of SEO. ECOMMERCE SEO STRATEGIES WebOdoctor has extensive experience in domain of ecommerce platform where we access the opportunities and weakness on the business with ideal SEO strategies to help you gain visibility in search engines. LOCAL SEO SERVICE webOdoctor utilizes proven strategies to regularly update your business and geographic information so that you are identified in local SERP. We as the top SEO Marketing company in India with local marketing strategies and upgraded technologies help you reach your target audience. The launch BERT in Google has changed the SEO Game without following which you are invisible. We as the best SEO ccompany in India take care of content , keywords and profiles monitoring progress with your listings. SEO AUDIT SERVICE webOdoctor executes SEO Audits in all sizes- technical SEO, links and On-Page Audience. Our SEO experts review the websites and provide in—depth actionable solutions for your business.As leading SEO Company in India, we not only provide spreadsheets in our audit reports but also give the SEO map plans for proper optimization. Our top class customer support standard SEO plan is usually sold on per keyword basis where you can optimize your site for the total of keyword. Leaning towards the parade of optimization we resolve for Local, National and global SEO services. At the drop of a hat you break SEO and your website is invisible, during your target customers buying journey. We help you fetch that grip if you have an ecommerce website specifically battling the competition. GOOGLE PENALTY RECOVERY Are you finding a sudden drop in the organic traffic? Walk into webOdoctor and get the best recovery strategy. We will get your website back on track with the right clean up plan and trigger your website to its original position with our filters in content. We search for duplicate content and provide high quality articles , with an extension of edit texting and fix keyword stuffing issues. We look into patterns like over optimized keyword anchor text, link exchange, span links, paid links etc. We analyze review and protect your website with over hauling and determining the toxicity and accessing the rate of domain link. With a post recovery analysis we determine and ensure you do not become victim of algorithmic hits. Trail your original positions with right recovery strategies with webOdoctor the best SEO Marketing Company in India. HOLD ON TO OUR EFFECTIVE SEO SERVICES

As top SEO company in India, our services include conversion optimization, website usability, optimized content, link building , OnPage / OffPage Optimization, Technical SEO services, SEO Audits, Content Marketing, SEO Reseller and Consultation. Our In-house SEO Service has gained a complete trust of our clients on National and Global sphere. And we take the pride to give the best SEO service in India.