LeMaker Guitar:HDMI to VGA cable user guidelines

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There has a HDMI 1.4 interface on the LeMaker Guitar base board Rev.B. We can use HDMI-to-HDMI cable to connect Guitar to the display monitor that has HDMI interface. But If the display monitor doesn't have HDMI interface,only VGA port. We should use HDMI-to-VGA cable to connect the Guitar to the display monitor.

Note that, we should firstly connect the display monitor to the Guitar, and then power on the system. Otherwise, it maybe go wrong on the screen display! Of course, if the HDMI-to-VGA cable is a bad cable,it also will go wrong on the screen display.

We have fixed the HDMI hotplug bug in the v1604/v1605 or later version. if you use the older version, please pay attention to the remind of the red font.