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Serial port is a interface for serial communication. It transmits data in the order bit by bit. Usually ,it is connected by three lines (TX, RX and GND). Desktop PC usually has a 9-pin D-type COM port, also called RS232, but it can’t be connected directly to the LeMaker Guitar. You have to convert its levels signals to the TTL levels signals. If your computer does not have serial ports, then USB-to-Serial (TTL) module or USB-to-Serial(TTL) cable is needed to connect to LeMaker Guitar.

Note: If you use the USB-to-TTL cable in the startup phase, make sure that the USB is connected to the PC. Or the Guitar will stoped at the uboot stage. (LeMaker Guitar get some messy code from USB-to-TTL's chip at the startup stage and going into uboot.)



1、A LeMaker Guitar.
2、A USB-to-Serial(TTL) moudule or A USB-to-Serial(TTL) cable.
3、Connection mode as follows:

USB-to-Serial (TTL) LeMaker Guitar Debug COM

Yor can purchase the USB-to-Serial Module from seeedstudio.


For Windows

Step 1:If you have not installed putty, please install putty firstly. Click the next link to download putty:
Putty configure.png

Step 2:List of devices attached, we find that COM has been attached.
Putty win dev.png

Step 3:Open putty, Select “Serial” option, and set Serial line:com3, Speed:115200.
Putty com3.png

Step 4:Click “Open” button, you will open console terminal.
Putty terminal.png

For Linux

Step 1:If you have not installed minicom, please install minicom as follows:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install minicom

Step 2:List of device files. Input “ls /dev/tty”, and then double click “Tab” key. We will see the USB-to-Serial device:ttyUSB0.
Putty linux dev.png

Step 3:Set minicom parameter. Select “Serial port setup”, and set serial device:/dev/ttyUSB0, set buadrate:1152000, set data bits:8, set party bit:n, set stop bit:1.

sudo minicom –s

Putty minicom conf.png

Step 4: Slect “Save setup as dfl”, and then select “Exit” to exit minicom setup.
Putty minicom terminal.png