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Here is an open-source single-board computer (SBC) called Banana Pro/Pi. It can run Android 4.2, Android 4.4*, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Raspbian, ArchLinux, openSUSE, OpenWrt, Bananian, and other Linux OS systems such as Gentoo and Fedora. It uses the AllWinner A20 SoC, and has 1GB DDR3 SDRAM, with wired Gigabit ethernet (RJ45 socket) and a SATA port.

LeMaker Banana Pro LeMaker Banana Pi
Banana Pro Banana Pi


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Since 2016/08/01:

  • WiKi will no longer add new tutorail, all the new tutorials will be unified managed to Github at: https://github.com/LeMaker/documentation
  • The tutorials that already available in the WiKi will keep update.
  • Welcom to share more tutorials or tools to all users on Github.

Application Cases

  • Sherlybox-Turn your public clouds into private & unlimited.
  • Banana Pi Server-A Banana Pi powered website.
  • Network Attached Storage-Build your own NAS server through which network you share local resources on the network.
  • Webcam-A USB Camera which can be driven directly from the USB port on the Banana Pi.
  • Jukebox Part1- A BananaPro Jukebox to play music and LED.
  • Jukebox Part2- A BananaPro Jukebox to play music and LED.


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