HiKey(LeMaker version):Setting Jumper

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The photo of Setting Jumper

Setting Jumper.png

Auto Power Jumper

  • CLOSED: system will boot up automatically when the power supply is connected.

  • OPEN (default): Pressing the power switch is required to boot up the system.

Boot Setting Jumper

  • CLOSED: the system will attempt to program the eMMC nand flash from USB OTG source.This should only be used if the first stage bootloader is corrupted or needs to be replaced.it causes the HiKey SoC internal ROM to start up in at a special "install bootloader" mode which will install a supplied bootloader from the microUSB OTG port into RAM, and will present itself to a connected PC as a ttyUSB device.
  • OPEN (default): the unit boots from the first stage bootloader installed on board eMMC device.

User Jumper

  • Connected to GPIO3_0 on the SoC and available to the developer.

  • CLOSED: GPIO3_0 will be pulled low.

  • OPEN (default): GPIO3_0 will be pulled high.